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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 14, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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cars still had power. >> the operator used that car as the operator car and move it to west oakland station where the passengers were able to get off the train, safely. >> reporter: this is a cell phone video where the crowds were lined up because of the stalled train. riders said they smelled smoke. the brakes locked off so the breaks were smoking. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i am not looking forward to it. [ laughter ] >> really not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: officials are trying to determine what caused the car to lose power. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> whenever there is a problem share your photos with ktvu. share on facebook, search for ktvu channel 2. negotiators for bart and
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the unidon't have talks sedge -- union don't have talks scheduled. the two sides are under a 60 day cooling off period. the unions went on strike in july and poised to walk out again when the cooling off order came down. the supreme courtb court turn -- supreme court court turned down a petition for proper 8. that came after they said they didn't have standing to appeal. the governor and the attorney general said that means same- sex marriage is legal statewide. the investigation continues into a deadly accident. the woman who was hit and killed by heavy machinery at the school in san jose.
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ktvu's robert handa is live at the site and joins us with more. robert? >> reporter: as you can see the scene here at this construction site is much different than yesterday. investigators try to figure out hot the woman was -- how the woman was killed. >> reporter: there was a reason for the victim to be on campus, she had been a student here in 2009 and according to the school returned yesterday as part of registration efforts to resume classes. >> we lost someone. that is the feeling. >> reporter: according to investigators she was walking down this sidewalk around 11:00
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a.m. yesterday, a front loader backing out of the construction site with dirt ran into her. she was injured. rushed to the hospital where she died. one student said she walked through the area just minutes before and afterwards. >> we had just walked by here. you know, and i am not sure if that woman saw the tractor or was blind sided. i feel like maybe the construction crew could have done a better job of regulating the area. >> reporter: this section presents a problem. >> we could not barricade that off because it is a fire lane. we did our best to secure the rest of the site with fencing but it is a tragic accident. >> reporter: they have only had a couple minor offenses by cal-
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osha. the college district police are investigating along with san jose police. at 6:00 p.m. how the operator is coping with the death. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. gun shots and 911 calls led deputies to a man's body early this morning. several people called 911 after midnight after hearing gun shots. deputies arrived to find the man dead in the street. they are hoping witnesses and a autopsy will help figure out what happened. >> don't know why he was here. he does not live in this vicinity. he is not a complete outsider. >> witnesses heard a car speed away after the shots. that street was shut down and residents were in lock down during the investigation. a sign in a car window
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located in a parking lot is all it took to delay closing arguments in a serial murder trial. ktvu's rob roth is joining us live with more on the joseph naso trial. rob? >> reporter: the prosecutor wrapped up closing arguments a little while ago but the arguments had to be delayed because what happened here at the courthouse parking lot. >> reporter: among those attending the trial is the brother of one of the four women joseph naso has been charged with murdering. friday afternoon he parked his truck in the lot with a sign that read -- >> joseph naso murdered my sister. >> the concern of the judge did any jurors see it, the judge decided no jurors could have seen it and the trial
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continued. in her closing arguments the prosecutor detailed the brutal death. she said dna links her keith joseph naso and her name -- linked her to joseph naso and her name was found in his home. he knows he has her life in his hands. joseph naso is also charged with murdering three other prostitutes. he has been acting as his own attorney. he sent this message. >> he says i am looking forward for my opportunity present my closing arguments. >> i want to make it -- i am not going to feel better. it will be closure. but i am still going to miss her. >> joseph naso is scheduled to
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give his closing argument on friday. if convicted he could be eligible for the death penalty. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the joseph naso murder case goes back 35 years ago. in 1977 she was found dead. a year later another body was found. and in 1993 and 1994 two more women were found dead. joseph naso was arrested in 2011 after a probation visit turned up photos of women. a boy from martinez underwent more surgery for injuries from a dog attack. tonight she receiving treatment for injuries to his face and head. he was attacked by a pitbull inside a friend's home on
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sunday. we called for an update on the surgery but haven't heard back yet. california is poised to regain its titual the state with the toughest gun control laws -- title the state with the toughest gun control laws. the legislation is over inclusive and threatens their rights. fire burning in placer county is having a wide reaching impact across northern california. it is burning north of forest hill in placer county. it has been burning since saturday afternoon and grown to 3,000 acres. all the thousands of people who are effected. >> reporter: this is a look at the smoke again today that created complaints. >> itchy eyes. >> choking.
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>> burns your throat and eyes. >> reporter: had people counting counting. >> worst day we had. >> reporter: the smoke created from this wildfire outside forest hill is unusual. >> this is a smoky fire. >> reporter: this fire is moving in the opposite direction from where the smoke continues to move every morning. more than 30 miles away. the question is, why is this fire creating so much more smoke so much further away than the average fire? officials say two reasons. officials say the area burning hasn't burned in 50 years. more intense burning. >> about the worse case scenario for heavy fuels. >> reporter: number two, this fire is burning in a river canyon. each night when the temperatures cool the smoke drops into had canyon and flows
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down with the river towards communities. >> when the air cools down it sinks and goes down the american river down to populated areas. [ talking at the same time ] >> like water in the river. down hill. >> reporter: back here live, this is a look towards oakland and san francisco. towards the coastal mountains. you can see the haze. the haze is obscuring the mountains. that is because the smoke in the fire in the morning coming in the opposite direction the fire is burning. just like water it flows down hill. live, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. our team coverage continues now with our ktvu's chief meteorologist. >> it is burning in an area that is hard to get to. you have seen a map of this
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area. its rugged. the vertical, they are up there, 5,000 feet and vertical. that gives you an indication of what firefighters are up against. there is not a lot of activity. what is happening the winds are blowing out of the southwest. like this. so in the day time you are seeing smoke in truckee, in the northern part, sierraville. lake tahoe as well. in the evening down the river cannials and that brings -- canyons and that brings smoke into those valleys. when i come back the fog forecast. temperature change tomorrow. and which day will be the warmest on the weekend? back here in 10 minutes. >> thank you. we investigate an alarming site off treasure island and searching for answers, what friends and family members of
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daphne web plan to do every week till she is found. >> solving crime one tweet at a time. a high tech approach to finding justice in cold cases. >> a ups cargo plane crashes in alabama killing two pilots. what witnesses saw as the plane went down. ñsxóxgñ
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hear the sonic boom. i didn't know what it was. >> the ups cargo plane crashed and exploded near a alabama airport killing the pilot and the co-pilot. the plane was an airbus. with only the crew on board. took off from louisville, kentucky and crashed on its approach to birmingham-
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shuttlesworth international airport. >> our sister station spoke with witness whose heard the plane go down. >> reporter: we spent monitoring the site and speaking with those who were close to the crash. >> reporter: one of the two victims killed in the ups cargo plane in alabama. it left wreckage and stunned neighbors in its path. >> too loud for the house. when we heard the boom it shook the house and that is what terrified me. >> reporter: the plane from louisville, kentucky to birmingham, alabama ended short of the run way. the national transportation safety board launched a team to investigate. they updated us on the work they are doing. they will look at the aircraft structure and human and aircraft performance along with what it hit.
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>> three trees. >> the bath of destruction it took. you can see the wreckage and the devastation. there were no buildings hit and no additional injuries on the ground. >> sounded like a plane had gave out of fuel and it was trying to make it to the airport. >> the cause hasn't yet be determined. >> plane could have blown up right here on the trees. but i just thank the lord we are able to survive this. >> reporter: today investigators revealed the tail of the plane was smoldering throughout the day. and there were no distress calls made during the flight. ktvu channel 2 news. new video of a alarming site near treasure island turned out to be a environmental benefit. oil boom are protecting an area
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soon to be dredged. the navy will dredge and remove ledge shot that has been in the area for many years. removal will take a big source of toxins out of the water. will the eastern span of the bay bridge open during the labor bay weekend? the committee is considering the labor day opening now that they okayed a temporary fix for broken bolts on the eastern span of the bay bridge. coming up, the two projects that have to be done before the bridge opens. water levels forced the closure of boat ramps at a lake. the dry spring left it at 43% of capacity. to protect visitor safety they closed two facilities in the area known as jet ski beach.
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people can carry portable boats into the water. if you are looking to get out to a lake, today is the perfect day -- >> yeah. was nice. along the coast. fog still. lots of kids heading back to school. talking about the school forecast, inland, mid-90s. at the coast, cool. bay 70s. outside. 89 in fairfield. cooler than yesterday. santa rosa, low 90s today. 88 right now. the san jose area, mid-70s. 73 mountain view. through the next couple days, talking about temperatures that trend down a little bit. that will be the weather story into the next couple days. temperatures trending off. so if we take a look at the 66 in san francisco, you can see the temperatures are -- let's take a weather computer number two. that is what i am working off
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of here. see that? mostly clear and coastal fog. cooler tomorrow and morning fog into the bay area weekend. milder weather. temperatures tomorrow in the upper 60s, low 70s. 80s inland valleys. 97 degrees yesterday in antioch. tomorrow low 90s in the hot spots. nice weather forecast. fire danger still gets a reprieve with this pattern. good air quality. forfog into -- fog into had bay tomorrow morning. highs will be plenty of 90s tomorrow. east of the area. reds are 90s. there they come, right? tomorrow aggressive for 80s and 90s. nice looking day. not a major heat wave. not a major change. temperatures cooler tomorrow.
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88 santa rosa. 90 aantioch. 88 livermore. -- 90 antioch. 88 livermore. when i come back back to school forecast. tomorrow cooler. friday, right, ramps down. saturday, average temperatures for this time of year. drizzle perhaps as we get into friday morning. that is the main weather feature. that is why we live here, right? nice weather. in shock people are going back to school before labor day. right? when did you go back? >> day after labor day. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. speaking out through social media, what hannah anderson had to say about her week long ordeal. but first, the death toll rises in egypt. >> and now to jaily h -- julie
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haener for what we are working on for six? >> the two major projects that must be completed. also a teen gunned down 7 years ago. how they are trying to track down his killer. >> nobody should have to go through this. tolerate this main. >> more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university. and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader.
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developing news now out of egypt -- the violence escalated today with a death toll of 275. forces moved in and protesters clashed with police in the streets. this was egypt's most violent day since the revolution of 2011. protesters say this was a war and they are digging in for the duration. >> this is it. >> security forces stormed two opposition sit ins. they bulldozed tents and arrested hundreds of protests on thers. but they are bound to keep fighting till ousted president mohammed morsi is released from government arrest and turned to office. officials strongly condemn the new bloodshed. >> we called on them to show
5:25 pm
restraint and for the government to respect the right that citizens demonstrate peacefully. >> violence is not a solution in egypt or anywhere else. >> secretary of state john kerry urged egypt to lift the state of emergency and respect the right to freedom of peaceful assembly but egyptian officials plan to enforce a night time curfew. more details now, a photographer was killed today while covering the violence in cairo. he was shot and killed while filming the clashes. these are the images he filmed. he did outstanding work under very dangerous conditions. he leaves behind a wife and two
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sons. finding out more about how much it will cost to dismanting a power plant -- dismantle a power plant. it could cost $4.1 billion and take 15 years to finish the job and restore the coast. edison announced in june they are closing the plant. they want to recoup some of the cost from rate payers. climate change a good thing? the california tree in the middle of a growth spurt. first a search for a missing toddler, what more than a dozen friends and family did today. >> the expensive business of being a parent. how much it costs to raise that child for 18 years. >> the story behind this bride's long awaited walk right
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♪ [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices,
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> loved ones hold a love walk for a missing oakland toddler. daphne webb.
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their goal a keep her name and face in people's minds in hopes she is found. there was one person absence, her father. he reported her missing five weeks ago inasmuch ktvu's alex savage reports some -- ago. ktvu's alex savage has more. >> reporter: searching for answers a month after daphne webb's disappearance. today 20 of her relatives and friends marched from oakland police headquarters to city hall, a love walk. >> still as hopeful as we were from day one. >> reporter: her father said she was kidnapped from his car while he was inside a store. so far no sign of the toddler and her mother thinks police aren't making progress. >> i know they tried to do what they could do but it feels like
5:31 pm
it is a stand still. ridiculous. >> reporter: on the way here to city hall the family handed out fliers to people. they want to keep her face out there and make sure this case remain as priority for police. police say a dozen investigators are actively working on her case, going through hours of surveillance video. >> they felt like it investigation was at a stand still. >> at no time has the investigation been at a stand still. that is understandable when you are not privy to information behind the scenes like the investigation. it can seem like that. >> reporter: police won't say if they believe daphne webb's father had anything to do with the disappearance. he wasn't at the march and some relatives don't buy his story. >> obvious everything isn't fitting together. it seems fishy. >> reporter: the family will
5:32 pm
continue to march like this every week. [ singing ] >> reporter: until she is found. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details about daphne webb. 21 months old. she has a deformity in her last ear. a deadly stabbing at a ace hardware store 10 days ago prompted a meeting to clear up misconceptions about the emergency response. a man from sacramento walked into had store on a sunday morning and stabbed a clerk 17 times. he died from his injuries. after the crime an e-mail said ambulance crews waited 30 minutes before entering the store. but a representative said the response time was 7-8 minutes. the meeting is at 7:30 p.m.
5:33 pm
at the library. we are waiting for word from the medical examiner for the name of a woman killed. it happened at 7:00. investigators say the bicyclist was next to a truck when the truck made a right turn and hit her. the woman died at the hospital. the driver is cooperating and hasn't been sited. it is the third time this year a being rider has been killed in san francisco. new details about san diego kidnapping murder suspect, james lee dimaggio he had multiple bullets wounds after fbi killed him on saturday and more about what hannah anderson endured during the days she was held captive. the teen has been on social media answering questions about
5:34 pm
her abduction. >> reporter: hannah anderson is sharing details about her kidnapping on social media. she fielded questions on about her abduction by james lee dimaggio. agueser asked did you want to go -- agueser asked -- a user asked, did you want to go with him? no. why didn't you tell your parents he creeped you out? he was my dad's best friend. how did he separate you from your mom and brother? tied them up in the garage. she also wrote he threatened to kill her if she fled. some questions were blunt. did he rape you? i am not allowed to talk about
5:35 pm
it so don't ask questions about it. are you glad he is dead? absolutely. she also engaged in lighter conversation. what design did you get on your nails? pink for my mom and blue for ethan. she spent some of tuesday helping to plan their funerals. >> she was rescued last saturday. a land mark decision, the pentagon announced it will make benefits like healthcare and housing available to same-sex couples. they have been consulting with the department of justice following the ruling in june striking down portions of the defense of marriage act. the benefits are expected to be available starting next month. >> the pentagon is preparing to announce new rules that will reform the way they investigate
5:36 pm
and prosecute sexual assaults. independent reviews of investigations and immediate notification of leaders when allegations are reported. commanders will retain control over how the cases are handled. one victim says that is a mistake. >> if you can't get commanders to prosecute rape, why would we have confidence that they will protect the victim that comes forward? >> the defense department estimates there were 26,000 cases of unwanted sexual contact last year. big changes for the postal service designed to raise revenue. they announced new features today, including day specific delivery. free tracking for priority and express mail. they are also unveiling a new design for boxes and envelopes. they expect the changes to phrgenerate $500 million -- to
5:37 pm
generate $500 million. california's giant red wood trees are in the middle of a growth spurt. scientists conducted a $3 million study that shows changing environmental conditions are triggering faster growth. scientists say they are not exactly sure of the cause, those possibilities include warmer temperatures and a longer growing season. as students head back to school, one of the staples is getting a makeover. this school is getting rid of a- f grading system and turning to criterion based grading. the goal is to identify a student's performance on skills such as collaboration. >> how do i work with others within a group, how do i contribute positively. and learning how to grow to work with others.
5:38 pm
>> it gives parents more information. one parent said she is not so sure. >> they will get more information about why exactly they are at their level. >> dropping a-f is what we were looking forward to is the structured grading system so we could have a base of good or bad. >> one of five schools that received extra funding to create new teaching models. the principal says there will be checks to make sure the students are doing well with the changes. the year will be a learning experience for everyone. the times website goes down. the cause behind the outage. >> honeybees critical to our survival but how gardeners may be killing themmal off. what you need -- killing them off. what you need to know.
5:39 pm
>> how the artists responsible for this mistake is cashing in. >> the heavy price of heavy drinking, why taxpayers fork over $14 million a year for excessive drinking.
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5:41 pm
the centers for disease control and prevention says excessive alcohol use cost the
5:42 pm
state $32 billion. they found heavy drinking leads to more crime, car accidents and loss productivity at work. property adamage, injuries, court and healthcare cost account for $14 million. to look at the study go to new york times website is back up again follow a outage and speculation of a cyber attack. officials said it was not due to hackers. it coincided with a scheduled update. google is making easier to access information. a new tool called google now. you can activate it by typing or voice. you can find information hidden inside your information as long as you are logged in. one of the worst art
5:43 pm
restoration projects is a mishap that is making a lot of money. when a woman tried to restore it it triggered ridicule and a lot of attention. visitors have been traveling to the town and paying $1.30 just to see it. $66,000 has been raised with the money going to a local charity. jesse jackson's son heading to prison. how long he was sented. plus -- >> solving cold homicide cases on twitter. the new approach one is taking and the tv show that is part of the plan. >> the person who testified today in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. >> back here after the break. the marine layer is deepenerring up, a change in your weather -- deepening up, a change in your weather forecast and the cooler weather that is
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. police are trying a new tactic on social media to solveicose case homicides. ktvu's eric rasmussen is -- to solve cold case homicides. ktvu's eric rasmussen is here with more. >> reporter: they have been producing their own tv show called make the show for five years now. there are so many viewers. the chief says he started sending out segments on twitter
5:47 pm
in the last week. [ music ] >> reporter: featuring unsolved homicides for years. >> when i answered the call his dad just said, um, she gone. >> this aired after she was shot and killed on bay road in 2009. no one has been arrested. >> we take this from a website to a show. >> reporter: today the police chief sent out a new call for action. >> so a person can see about someone who we lost. >> the chief's tweets contain links to this website. it features a clip from the tv show and a way to send in anonymous tips. >> i can count on one hand the murder cases we don't know who
5:48 pm
did. getting evidence requires community involvement. >> he can't cret the tv show or -- credit the tv show yet but he says the number of tips is up. he is hoping more people will hear the pleas from the families of victims. >> it could be their brother, it could be their sister, it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: this tv show costs $5,000 an episode to produce. they made six so far. live, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. michael jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe took the stand today in the trial against aeg. michael jackson's mother claims the property failed to investigate the doctor who gave
5:49 pm
his son an over dose in 2009. debbie rowe hold about his drug use. she is the mother of prince and paris jackson. jesse jackson, jr. is heading to prison. this is video of them walking out of court in washington, d.c. today. he was give an 2-1/2 year sentence. she was give an 1 year sentence. they asked to serve connective sentences because of their two children, 9 and 13. jesse jackson will serve at the first of november. >> traditional vows and a white dress, one wedding had all the usual ingredient but it was the walk down the illinois that made it extraordinary. >> it was what happened before that kiss that brought people to tears. the bride walked down the illinois 5 years after she was paralyzed from the waist down
5:50 pm
in a car accident. >> i am marrying my best friend. i married my best friend i could say now. >> seeing everything come together at the moment and all the hard work pay off and how beautiful she was, overwhelming. >> after the kiss he carried his bride back up the illinois. we have something parents already knew the cost of raising children is going up and income isn't keeping up with the increase. the latest figures on the expense of raising a child from birth to 18, including food, clothes and child care. for a child born last year, $241,000 and that doesn't include college. that is a 3% increase from the year before. lucky enough to have yesterday off, beautiful day.
5:51 pm
beautiful day today. >> we are getting a cool down. warmed up a few degrees yesterday and the day before. temperatures today down a couple degrees. summer time weather. back to school stuff. mild highs. 93 antioch. 94 santa rosa. cooler in oakland. 74 degrees. here is the fog by the golden gate bridge. it is there. then it goes away. and tries to come back again. there is breaks around stenson beach. the fog, you can see. the break. the fog in san francisco. fog will be around next couple days. at the coast. further inland. nights and mornings. outside the bay, towards walnut career, livermore valley. bay area weekend. nice looking one. milder and warmer. high pressure sets up. gave us the last couple days. this high-pressure system is nudging closer. when it does temperatures drop.
5:52 pm
the marine layer gets deeper, fog pushes over the hills and temperatures go down. thursday and friday, not cold but cooler. back to school, santa rosa school district. santa rosa high school. back to school tomorrow. lunchtime 74 degrees in santa rosa. morning 54. afternoon, mid-80s. back to school. back to warm day for most of us. 88 in pittsburg. 88 morgan hill. 77 sunnyvale. 62 half moon day. 60 in pacifica. with the fog. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view temperatures coming down a little bit. starting to feel like fall. not fall. but feeling like it. not seeing 90s.
5:53 pm
friday coastal drizzle. just, you know, change in the season. here we go with school starting. numbers are trending down. at 6:00 p.m. track that fog tinier neighborhood. >> thank you -- that fog into your neighborhood. >> thank you. what gaddenners are doing that could have consequences. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. a teen gunned down 7 years ago. his mother is stepping up the search, how she is trying to find his killer. >> plus the new span of the bay bridge was supposed to open in three weeks, the projects that could stand in the way. these stories and more coming up at 6:00 p.m.
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5:56 pm
san francisco's volunteer effort to help the homeless reached a milestone today. they gathered as project homeless connect prepared for its event. an event where they can receive food, medical, dental care, housing information all in one place. >> make sure we continue with generations. we got to continue being helpful. this is what san francisco is all about. thank you for being great san
5:57 pm
franciscans. >> organizers estimate in their first 49 events 22,000 volunteers provided services to more than 10,000 people. >> reporter: researchers report that plans you may have -- plants you may have perched are kill -- purchased may be killing honeybees. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler has more. >> reporter: many gardeners seek them out. >> i love bees. i love what they do. >> reporter: activists say half the plants from stores they tested, including home depot and orchard were treated with pesticides. >> the pesticides are harmful towards honeybees. there could be a host of effects, reproduction, accum suppression and it could kill bees. >> we need all the species of
5:58 pm
the planets. once they are gone we are going to notice. >> reporter: she says bees are crucial to growing our food, flowers and everywhere bees are dying from pesticides. regulators may end up restricting the pesticides. there are things you can do to protect them. >> it is not obvious. buying from reputable places. >> by organic and avoid home pesticides such as this one. read the label. and if you have already purchased bee attractive plants -- >> trim the blooms and that should reduce the potential impact. >> reporter: lawmakers are considering federal and state laws that would ban the pesticides on bee attractive plants. we have to save the bees to
5:59 pm
save our way of life. reporting live, health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. now at 6:00 p.m. a mother's mission for justice. with deputies by her side. >> i am still his mother in death. and i still have to fight. >> we walk the streets with her as she returns to the place where her son was gunned down. >> stranded in the dark. a bart train loses power in the transbay tube. how it all happened. >> the new bay bridge, ktvu learned about two mile stones that must be reached before opening day. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> i am mike mibach. frank somerville has the night off. >> i am julie haener. >> to the streets of san francisco where her son was shot and killed. tonight she is keeping his story alive in the hope of
6:00 pm
catching his killer. new at 6:00 p.m. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in san francisco with the mission for justice. ken? >> reporter: nice to say when you have a mother whose child has been murder you don't know how she feels. she lives in that apartment, when she walks outside she sees this sidewalk where her son was gunned down. it is a reminder every day of what happened and she had that reminder for 7 years. flier with his face has been posted on this pole almost every day since august 14, 2006. she was not here that day but her son was. >> i didn't get to say bye. i didn't get to tell him i loved him. i didn't get to say anything. he died alone. >> reporter: he just left his house when he saw


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